Geckos Available These Days in Coppersands, Saskatchewan for sale


In preparation of the upcoming breeding period, I am getting rid of a few of my holdbacks. I currently have three crested geckos readily available. 3 are male and 1 is female.
Found in REGINA but if you happen to be coming to the city, you rate to pick up the gecko of your choice.
Gecko 1 is a male yellow tiger morph with a wicked design. He currently considers 7 grams as well as is putting on weight each month. Asking $70 for this little individual. If you are a fan of yellows/tigers he would make a best addition to any sort of hobbyist's collection and a fantastic pet dog.
Gecko 2 is a beautiful male Halloween morph with an abundant dark base enhanced by bold orange highlights on his back and also sides. He considers 9 grams as well as has been dealt with great deals, so he would be a terrific starter reptile. Asking $80 law firm for this little guy. , if you like halloween morphs he's an excellent example of one.
Gecko 3 is a high-end dog breeder top quality male extremely lotion pinstripe from Northern Gecko. If you like pinstripes and high contrast geckos, this could be the one for you. He presently considers 6 grams and is doing extremely well. Cresties like this are tough to come by in SK as well as not discovered in pet establishments. I wanted to hold this guy back but I have way too many guys therefore I need to let this go. Asking $120 for him.
Gecko 4 is the only grownup in the team and is a red harlequin GIRL crested gecko. She registers at 34 grams and still has a little bit of increasing to do. If you are searching for a women crestie she would make a superb addition to any sort of reptile collection. Females can commonly be housed with other females of comparable size in 18x18x24 vivariums or huge plastic tubs. If you already have a grown-up female, she might make a suitable friend gecko. Asking $160 for her - you will not discover something like this in most pet shops!
If you have any inquiries do not think twice to send me an email. All geckos I market are healthy, consuming well, and ready to go. Many thanks for looking.
-Grassy field Gecko.

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